Mediation First

Sometimes you need a helping hand to get back on track when things have got a little out of control. Mediation can be of huge assistance as it offers a reasonably priced service in a totally neutral environment. Mediation provides both parties with an opportunity to work together to achieve a mutually beneficial result. This can lead to an amicable agreement being reached without the need for an expensive legal battle.

Often people end up using solicitors to talk for them and the costs for doing this can really rack up; mediation is therefore a great stepping stone to avoiding this situation. Mediation is also much quicker than fighting through the courts.

Mediation is a relatively informal process and it allows even the most emotionally draining of situations to be discussed in a friendly environment.

Dates and times for mediation sessions can often be worked around family and work commitments, however court cases are generally routed to a particular day, despite any inconvenience to parties. Mediation sessions can also be arranged to suit each cases needs e.g. if you cannot be in the same room as the other party, this can be arranged by the mediator.



Does mediation really work?

Whilst mediation offers some money saving benefits, it also offers emotional benefits as well.

When you go to court, you may feel that the decision is out of your control, however, with mediation, the discussions take place from a completely neutral point of view, allowing you to put forward your feelings and your side of the story. Any decisions reached will be mutually agreed and it will allow you to have a greater impact on the overall decision.

In addition, court cases can be an extremely stressful time for a family and mediation is the best possible way of avoiding the pressure of court.

All mediation sessions take place in a completely private and confidential environment and are conducted on a without prejudice basis, which allows parties to discuss a way forward without what they are saying being used in court.

Starting Point

When dealing with any kind of dispute you may unfortunately find that you are at deadlock and no further negotiation can be agreed. In such a situation, mediation is an excellent starting point to reaching a mutually beneficial decision. Mediation can be arranged quickly and it is much more cost effective than proceeding to issue expensive legal proceedings.

Options Available

  • Family mediation offers you a solution where yo control all decision making. All mediators are professionally qualified and experienced.
  • We are impartial. This is fundamental as the mediator must offer impartial advice to both parties and will in no way be one sided.
  • In addition, there are mediation centres scattered throughout the North West which aim to assist families in dispute. Whilst mediation is a very sensible opportunity, as mentioned above it is an entirely voluntary process. You cannot force a party to a dispute to enter into mediation and they can choose to take whatever action they desire.
  • Finding workable solutions.The mediator will then enter into a discussion asking open ended questions and will try to find goals which both parties strive to achieve. The mediator will try to ascertain the problems between the parties and will look to agreeing a sensible way forward.It is important to remember that it is not a mediator’s job to take sides or judge the parties. The mediators aim is to find a solution to any problems.