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When dealing with any kind of dispute you may unfortunately find that you are at deadlock and no further negotiation can be agreed.

The Benefits of Family Mediation to Resolve Family Disputes The consequences of an unresolved family conflict can last for years and create unnecessary stress for the whole family. Family mediation offers disputed parties an impartial resolution outside of the court system, without the expense and stress of a lengthy court case. Family mediation can resolve disputes faster than the court system in a confidential environment. Participation is voluntary and allows all parties to schedule mediation around their lives. All parties must agree to a mutually beneficial decision during family mediation. Disputed parties often feel satisfied and in control because they are not reliant on the court to make confusing and inflexible decisions. Family mediation allows all parties to put forward their feelings to the mediator in a comfortable environment that preserves relationships and the privacy of individuals.

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Mediation For Child Access Disputes Mediation provides a neutral ground where parties can feel free to air their issues regarding child access. It is an effective way of helping couples address issues regarding child custody in an open manner which can enable them to agree on a system that works for them. The mediator, having undergone some form of training in conflict resolution, is able to talk to the parties and help them be open about what they want from the mediation. How the mediation helps Through the mediation informatio n and assessment meeting, the couple is able to know what options are available to them and they can talk about these options to see what is best for them. If they are unable to agree on an option, they can seek mediation where they can go through the options with the help of the mediator who can help them be objective in the process. A view on what each parent feels is appropriate or inappropriate for the child in question can be heard and the two can work on a method that will work for both parties. Given that the decisions reached during mediation have been arrived at by both parties, the decisions are accepted better than those enforced by a court order and this prevents the need for external enforcement of the decisions.

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Mediation Service for Finances Stress brought on by the breakdown of a relationship is tough enough, without piling financial worries on top. When you\’re going through a separation, the last thing you want to deal with is the administrative burden of separating your assets, whether they be property, pensions, or financial accounts. Here at Just Divorce Mediation, we can provide you with a friendly and informal process, designed to minimise the stress placed on you, whilst making the process as smooth and efficient as possible. With mediation centres dotted throughout the North West of England, our specialist mediators are trained to walk you through a mediation process personalised to your own needs, establishing each party\’s goals and resolving any issues that either of you may have.

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Do I need Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) A new law was passed in the United Kingdom citing that all couples wishing to get a divorce must first go through the process of mediation and have a Do I need Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM). This will enable both parties to talk amicably when it comes to issues such as child custody, financial disputes as well as division of property. Divorcing couples are required by law to attend a mediation information and assessment meeting. This law was passed after government attempts to divert divorcing couples to mediation failed severally. Mediation is a neutral ground where both parties can open up about their interests and fears so as to reach an agreement that works for them and all other parties involved in the matter. In this way, divorcing couples can maintain a good relationship even after they have split. A mediator is a neutral party who is trained in conflict resolution. The mediator is there to facilitate a discussion and not to make a decision for the parties. The decision has to be made by both parties on their own accord. To facilitate this process, the mediator encourages the parties to speak up. Each party gets a chance to state their issues through both private and joint sessions with the mediator. In the private sessions, each party gets to be alone with the mediator so as to discuss their weaknesses and strengths. In the joint sessions, the parties talk to each other as the mediator looks on. When the parties have arrived at a decision that suits them, the mediator puts the decision in writing and provides both parties with a summary. Once the summaries have been signed by both parties, they can be forwarded to lawyers for review. If no decision is arrived at, the mediator advises the parties on what they can do next after reviewing their options.
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