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Going through a divorce is one of the most taxing experiences a person can face in his/her lifetime.

A less such a stressful process will definitely take a toll on the mental, emotional and even physical health of the person.

As a result, the couple might find it hard to communicate with each other effectively. This setback can be corrected with the help of divorce mediation.

Having a mediator in between, acting as a neutral force, is very effectual for improving communication between the couple.

Just Divorce Chesterfield mediation services provides several benefits.

This include:

  • Mediation cost less
  • Its a voluntary process which you control the decision making
  • The process avoids conflict and leads to an agreed solution.
  • It is seen as being an important part of the process when it comes to divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership.
  • Mediation benefits children and other dependents.
Mediation provides a way of resolving issues without the need to get involved with the courts.

Chesterfield Mediation Service

Located a couple of miles to the North of Derby, Chesterfield is known for being the largest town which comes under Derbyshire and is well-connected to the rest of England by road, rails and air.

Renowned for its rich historical background and culture, Chesterfield attracts many tourists who seek a classical British tourism experience.

Since it was home to an Anglian village once, the name of the town itself is made up of two Anglo-Saxon words- Chester which means fort and Field which mean land for grazing.

Chesterfield’s local population and culture
The local population of Chesterfield is around 71,000 which make it the most densely populated town in Derbyshire.

The locals are warm-hearted individuals who welcome all those who want to experience Chesterfield’s rich historical culture.

Known for being home to some of the biggest fans of Football, the town has its own football club by the of Chesterfield FC.

With its warmly welcoming communities, Chesterfield is an ideal place to live in and to bring up a family. Surrounded by the beautiful countryside and filled with all modern commodities at the same time, one can live comfortably in this town.

Why Mediation?

Our mandate is mainly driven to provide advice regarding what would come next if our clients choose any of the solutions tabled.

As such, we bring to the table all the relevant solutions so that our clients can make an informed decision.

It is always within our abilities to provide a safe forum for children in cases where they are involved so that both parties are able to understand their children’s side of the story.

Divorce, separations and ending civil partnerships always come with other factors like finance, property and child custody.

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Excellent Service

I am grateful to Just Divorce Mediation for helping me and my wife to give divorce to each other. We didn’t feel the need of hiring a family law Solicitor. -Luke
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