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Need to resolve child and financial issues?


Mediating between two parties during a divorce helps a great deal in reducing the stresses and complications involved in this process.

And we now can offer our services to residents throughout Chorley, providing a convenient setting for resolving matters in a civilised way.

Our job is to provide an impartial presence during this most difficult of times, which many people will experience at some point.


Divorce proceedings can be emotionally straining for everyone involved, particularly if there are significant disputes that arise from the decision to separate, whether you’re in a marriage or a civil partnership.

Children are especially affected by a divorce as their stable view of the world is uprooted in an instant.

If you’re looking to resolve any differences or complications in an amicable and low-cost way, turning to our services in Chorley is the best option.

We have professional experience in handling sensitive issues concerning children, who will often be forced to decide on their future while questions are being asked left, right and centre.

Your local mediation service in Chorley

We provide everyone with an open and honest forum to air their views and come to an understanding so everyone can move on with their lives without all the pain and extra costs involved with taking things to court. See our fees

While the courts are vital for a democratic nation, when it comes to divorce proceedings this type of setting can exacerbate the situation and create an even bigger dividing line between both parties.

By calling Just Divorce Mediation Chorley, you’ll have made the first step in the right direction towards settling your differences.

We make every effort to create the ideal location for mediating a divorce.

First and foremost, the settings we provide in Chorley are laid-back and informal, making the experience as relaxed as possible as you discuss important matters for your whole family.

Providing a relaxed setting also makes it more likely that everyone will be open and honest about the situation, allowing both parties to come to compromises on the important issues, whether you’re deciding on assets, custody arrangements or settlements.

Ultimately, you’ll come out of a mediation process with a better perspective on your own views and the views of everyone else involved.

Once you’ve settled your differences with our mediation services, you can go into the official separation proceedings with a much more rounded view of the situation, which will be beneficial to all concerned.

The kids will have gotten their feelings out in the open, parents will know how they can resolve the situation and things can progress swiftly so everyone can move on with their lives, and all without having to hire costly lawyers!

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Excellent Service

Just Divorce Mediation has the best mediators and I really mean it. My separation was not going to be easy but they helped me a lot in reaching a satisfactory agreement. -Bell
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