Facing Separation or Divorce? How Mediation Can Help?

Facing Separation Or Divorce?

In the UK, there have been many cases of divorce or separation. While it is quite stressful to go through a separation, the court proceeding only adds to the pain. As you approach a court for resolving child and finance-related disputes, it demands an investment of much time and money.

Apart from putting much stress on the children, court proceedings also strain the relationship to an unrepairable extent between the two parties. Also, a court proceeding outcome is entirely dependent on the judge. So the participating parties have no control over the judgment and decision given over the case.

Fortunately, there are other alternative dispute resolution techniques that you can utilize in order to reach a quick and effective justifiable agreement. The best method for resolving such divorce or separation-related issues in mediation.

You can attend a mediation session with the other party in a safe and neutral mediation. Also, mediation sorts out all finance or children related disputes voluntary and keeps control of the participating parties.

Also, the mediators involved in the process are highly trained professionals who have immense experience in resolving such issues. Every meeting lasts for about 1-2 hours and you gradually progress towards an agreement.

The mediator listens to both parties and always puts forward a practical solution that is justifiable to everyone. Also, the arrangements made through the mediation process are subject to review and change in case both parties agree to do so. Apart from being voluntary, the mediation process is also completely confidential.

So whatever is said inside the meeting area remains between the parties participating in the meeting and can’t be sued in a court.

Also, if both parties agree, even children can be allowed to attend the mediation process at the discretion of the mediator. As an agreement is reached, both parties can agree to file this in a court in order to be legally binding.

So in order to reach a solution that is workable and long term, you can choose to go for a mediation process. As both parties get a fair say in the agreement, there are much lesser chances of any disagreement in the future.

It is always beneficial to decide yourself on the issues related to property, finance or, children rather than letting a judge decide your future. So there is no need to be apprehensive about this alternative dispute resolution process of mediation.

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