Getting a Divorce in Cheshire

Getting Divorce in Cheshire, What Options Do I Have?

A lot of couples aren’t familiar with the options available when it comes to a divorce. And many have the insight that just one choice exists. Luckily, this insight isn’t precise, and divorcing couples in Cheshire can choose the option which is appropriate for their individual as well as family needs. In Cheshire, divorce options available include:

Collaborative Divorce

This is a popular option for dispute resolution in Cheshire. In this option, you and your partner and attorneys agree in advance that no one will take contested issues to the law of court.

A collaborative team, which includes financial and mental health experts, concentrates on looking for ways to reorganize the family, so the needs of each one involved are met.

The attorneys in the collaborative team are family law and divorce attorneys with exceptional training experience in this kind of divorce.


This option is assisted settlement conciliation in the course of litigation. A common delusion is that both parties can mediate their disagreements before filing for separation, as a standalone ADR process. But usually mediation is part of and in the process of litigation, happening after the filing of divorce services in Cheshire.

Mediators don’t take sides, and their primary role is to help the party involved to settle. In most cases, parties involved are asked by the judge to try to solve the disagreement using mediation before going to the law of court for trial. There are perks of mediation like it is neutral and provider clients unbiased perspective.


In this option, the decision is made by a judge or a jury. These are strict regulations on what details might be shown to the judge, who might have never witnessed before, will have a restricted time to know the case, and probably who will never see you again.

This process offers a resolution for parties who can’t find ways to settle the disputes any other way. This also focused on the negative factors of separation and other matters on family law. This is costly, as well as destructive. Even if most cases settle before going to trial, preparing to go trial can damage the relationship, which is impossible to fix.

Do-it-Yourself Divorce

Divorce Services in Cheshire forms and kits usually offer a check-list method to a child and property-related issues. Therefore, you aren’t entirely left in the dark concerning their choices. This may be good for those who don’t have kids and substantial assets. However, not all kits are the same; some make more issues. When properties and kids are involved, the kits might not be thorough in doing what you’re trying to achieve. In this approach, there’s no involvement of experts. Instead, the party involved is solely accountable for doing the steps to separation.

Online Divorce 

Online divorce seems like a DIY approach, in which the party involved is accountable for doing all the steps to separation. However, instead of pinpointing the relevant problems on their own, a program or website assists through knowing the fundamental issues which average divorcing couples encounter.

Default divorce

Default divorce happens when one party involves files for a separation, and the other half doesn’t respond. Usually, this occurs as one spouse is out of reach. Then it is granted by default.

Summary Divorce

This is ideal for couples who don’t have properties or kids or just living together for a short time. In Cheshire, they impose a financial threshold for the number of assets and debts a couple can have. When you choose this option, you need to fill in some forms to settle the process.


This method is ideal for those who aren’t able to agree. In this option, a judge will assess the case and listen to the couples. There is an arbitrator that serves as a negotiator that make regulation the same way as an ordinary judge.

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