How Family mediation in Greater Manchester is better than general litigation?

Divorce or separation time is a period of turmoil for couples. It is during such time that one requires assistance or guidance to sort things out. General litigation is one way out, but it has several disadvantages over family mediation process in Greater Manchester.

Mediation can be described as the process through which an arrangement is made regarding matters such as finance, property, children etc between spouses through mutual discussion. Mediation is better than general litigation in Greater Manchester because of several factors such as:-

  • Mediation is an easy process and takes less time whereas general litigation involves a lot of time. This makes mediation service a better option than general litigation. This is particularly helpful where children are concerned mainly because of the fact that it doesn’t hamper their studies and in a way safeguards their future.
  • Mediation process is inexpensive and doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket of the disputing parties whereas litigation is comparatively a difficult process. Mediation is one process which is cheaper and the cost incurred is less. You can find a good mediation service in Greater Manchester, which doesn’t charge much.
  • Mediation takes place in a hushed up manner behind closed doors. The final decision taken is not revealed to any third party. This means that the parties involved can be assured of confidentiality in the whole matter. Under general litigation, the whole matter is discussed in an open court; this means everyone gets to know the whole matter and the final decision being taken.
  • Under mediation, the disputing parties get to put their opinion in the final decision taken. This means they have an active participation in the final decision being taken. Under general litigation, the disputing parties do not have a say in the decision making process. The whole decision process is in the hands of the court.v
  • Under mediation if a particular person doesn’t want to turn up for the meeting session with his or her spouse, then the mediator can arrange for a separate meeting with the concerned person. There is no such provision under general litigation.

If there are children involved, then the mediator deals with them empathetically. The mediator assures them that they are not the reason for the divorce between their parents and they are not to be blamed. The children are told that everything would be fine and kindly and maturely dealt with.

Family mediation services in Greater Manchester are not hard to find, you just need to refine your search and choose the right one for your issue.

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