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As opposed to the traditional method of obtaining a divorce, in which each party has their own lawyer trying to get the best terms for their respective clients, family divorce mediation focuses on the human aspect of divorce.

A professional mediator will assist and guide both of you at the same time with complete impartiality.

Their role is to bring you together and help you to negotiate acceptable terms of the divorce in a way that is as fair and amicable as possible.

If you and your spouse opt to undertake mediation sessions, each of you is encouraged to air your grievances and desires. This takes place in a neutral environment that is conducive to making decisions and reaching agreement on such matters as division of assets and, if applicable, child custody and visitation rights. On reaching full agreement, the details are then submitted to the court, where the divorce will finally be granted

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Child Care

Mediators are well aware that a divorce is not only stressful for any married couple but that it can be even more stressful and traumatic for any children that the marriage has produced. The needs of the children are paramount, and mediators make sure that the children’s needs, both physical and emotional, aren’t underestimated or overlooked.

As a professional service, there are, of course, costs involved with mediation commensurate with any professional service involving legal issues. However, as mediation avoids both parties having to battle it out in court over a lengthy period, the whole divorce process is far shorter and, consequently, far less expensive.

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There was no issue of any confusion during my separation process, thanks to mediators from Just Divorce Mediation who gave us all the required information through out the mediation. -Harris