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April 2014 saw substantial changes made to the legal system concerning separation and divorces.

These changes are especially important when any separation or divorce involves children. The changes ensure that the welfare of the child is taken into account and to minimise the impact on them.

One of the changes was that the parties involved should take part in a mediation session.

This has to take place before any court action to do with financial or custody matters could go ahead.

The local mediated solution

Divorce or separation is a stressful time that can affect everyone involved, especially children.

Any breakup can potentially lead to issues that need to be resolved such as contact and custody of children or financial matters for example.

Working through the problems and solving them before they get bigger and become more of a problem is important.

This is where mediation services can help in finding a way forward. It can help solve issues without the need to involve lawyers and the court.

While our services are available throughout the country getting the help locally to work through issues and find a resolution locally is important.

Being able to seek help close to where you live can help remove the need for spending time travelling or having to take time off work.

Try mediation first!

We have offices across the country where we can offer mediation services that can work around your needs when it comes to finding an agreement.

One of our offices covering the Liverpool area.

Liverpool is a metropolitan borough with a diverse population that comes from a broad range of backgrounds and incomes.

The need for mediation services is just as important here as it is elsewhere. Just as it has the largest legal centre outside of Liverpool, some see Liverpool as being the capital of the North West with a cultural, financial and commercial heart at its core. From our offices in Liverpool, there are good road, rail and public transport links that make.

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Liverpool an ideal place to take advantage of our mediation services to help you resolve issues and agree on a way forward.

Wherever you live, the use of mediation services provides several benefits. This include:

Mediation provides a way of resolving issues without the need to get involved with the courts

Good Work Guys

I and my wife were having problems, and we decided to file a case against each other but Just Divorce mediation gave us an opportunity to solve so much.


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