Long Distance Mediation Service

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Living Far Apart And Want To Mediate?..No, Problem!

When a couple decides to divorce, then it is not just an emotional separation, there is a complete physical separation takes place and one or both the partner has to move away to make a fresh start.

When the face to face meeting is not possible between the partners, then this thing affects a mediation a lot.

All thanks to modern technology, that now a mediation process can be conducted over the phone, email, Skype or by any other video conferencing platform.

There can be various other reasons due to which there is a need to go for long-distance mediation like one party is out of town either temporarily or permanently, one party has an issue facing the other party or you simply want to avoid the expenses.

If you are experiencing a divorce and want to go for mediation, then long-distance mediation is an alternative to face-to-face mediation.

It is as effective as face to face mediation.

A good mediation service will take care of the following factors in order to make the long-distance mediation work:

  • Maintaining neutrality: The solo sessions must not be there and both the parties must be informed about all the mediation activities that are going on.
  • Clear Technology: the connection over the internet or on the phone must good enough and should allow the parties to listen and see in a clear way.
  • A fair schedule: the schedule should be kept such as both the parties are comfortable and no one is prevented from attending the sessions.

While an online mediation process is going on, the parties are looking towards the computer screens, which displays:

Notes of the comments and agreements which are made during the sessions.
The language of the agreement for the consideration of the parties
The graphs and charts which displays the long-term and short-term financial effects of the possible strategies.
Generally, the service doesn’t charge anything extra to make a remote mediation more productive. Like, they can make use of enhanced speakerphone technology which allows up to 4-way conference calling or for VOIP calling. For overseas calling, VOIP can also be very helpful. They can even go for an internet technology which enables you to view everything on the screen of the computer like you all are in the same room.

For more details regarding online mediation, you can contact a good mediation service around you.