Macclesfield family mediation

Just Divorce Mediators Macclesfield are your local mediated solution for families.

At some point in your lives, you may need the support and knowledge of an experienced attorney.

Thousands of families each year are torn apart by bitter disputes where children are the ones suffering the most. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Family mediation helps divorce and separating couples settle the issues that arise after a break up without involving a court.

Family mediation is a facility where the parties involved, voluntarily agree to enter the mediation process.

What are the advantages of family Mediation?

Family mediation helps families that are in a crisis work towards ending their dispute, allowing them to stay in control throughout the process.

The mediator gives priority to the children and dependents. It encourages communication between the family members involved and helps to establish an agreement.

It is a convenient way to start a new beginning without the pressure and frustration of an average divorce court.

Where does it all begin?

Just Divorce family mediation process begins when the members of the family have agreed to seek help with a mediator.

Contact the Macclesfield family mediation organization and make an appointment. You’ll discuss your reasons and expected results.

It’s best that all parties involved attend the mediation process, this way everyone is on the same page as the mediator guides you through the process.

Make sure all the information is given to the mediator to help you discuss the settlement accurately.

A screening process will take place where the mediator will assess for domestic disputes in the relationship.

The family mediator will be able to advise you if this approach is the correct process and if needed to carry out an action for the safety of all the family members involved.

It is important that all members involved co-operate in reaching a settlement.

The process consists of individual sessions for each person involved.

This way the mediators will hear each’s perspective.

Then the process will continue with joint sessions allowing the parties involved reach the same goals. The agreement to a mediation session may include:

How to prepare for Family Mediation?

If you’re considering family mediation, it is important that you locate the right Accredited family mediator for your type of situation. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose what is the best option for your family.

-Recognize the type of family mediation needed

-Family mediation can only have a good outcome if all parties agree to mediate. Keep in mind that this is purely voluntary.

-Inform the mediator if your situation involves any abuse such as physical, emotional and verbal abuse before and after your relationship, or if any court proceedings have taken place.

-Arrange for your introductory meeting, so you can discuss what the mediation contract involves and also discuss payment and terms.

Mediators are trained professionals that have the knowledge of relationships, psychology, and family law including child welfare.

Begin your journey to a better tomorrow for you and your family. Everyone deserves to be happy. See our fees

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The mediators from Just Divorce Mediation didn’t take much time for resolving my issues. They carried out the process of divorce from my wife in a confidential manner by respecting our views and giving us the chance to express our opinions. -Joel