Just Divorce Mediation Service in Manchester

At Just Divorce Mediation, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and high quality work.

We are known for confidential mediation services and are based in Manchester North.

Our company is here to assist you to resolve family and related domestic disputes with the option of an out-of-court settlement.

This will not only assure you of less stress but also work out what might come up as suffering indignity.

We are prompt to state that our qualified mediators have the constructive and unbiased approach when it comes to fitting consultation sessions that fit your schedule.

We are not only flexible but also provide our services via video such as Skype conferencing, which works well for clients who are based in different parts of Manchester.

Manchester Mediation – perfect for couples separated with issues to be resolved

In as much as we have a range of family mediation services across the country, it is important to note that our local level services make it possible for us to serve you throughout the weekends and evenings, as it is fit for you.

Again, we take it upon ourselves to listen to both sides of the story and advice on the most favourable agreement.

This is made possible by our potential abilities when it comes to encouraging open communication.

In case children are involved, there is always a way of providing a safe forum that ensures they also air their views.

Our company understands that family upheaval is pretty traumatic even for the most united families.

As such, we are sensitive to the needs of each individual by ensuring that no judgement is provided and that only trained mediators with proven experience on complete impartiality are assigned your case.

This not only ensures we provide the best practicable solution but also reach it amicably.

In addition, considering our services in Manchester makes it cheaper for the family as compared to battling the case in court.

As such, we encourage that there be no laws involved during the process so that no party feels belittled or endangered.

This extremely beneficial platform comes a long way to ensure we have openness in the mediation process.

As such, we have become successful and popular in resolving disputes thereby minimising chances of divorce or marital separation as it would occur in court.

Settling these issues in a way that would not evolve or reincarnate themselves in the future has also saved our clients a lot of resources and kept them away from unhealthy stress.

We are good when it comes to dealing with agreements over children, property or financial obligations that may be as a result of a resolved marriage or civil partnership.

Visit our offices for the best family mediation services in the area.

Awesome Service

I love my children and when me and my wife decided to get separated, I was really worried about their future but then, my dad suggested me to try JDM and thanks to these people, I got out of my marriage without any hustle bustle.

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