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The Mansfield mediation service offered is a process which first and foremost considers the emotional difficulties clients will be feeling due to divorce.

Typically childcare issues in regards to access and financial agreements are discussed in a respectful and purposeful manner.

A benefit of using a mediator is being re-assured that a fully impartial professional with experience and expertise is in a position to facilitate a meeting where both parties can reach an agreement over financial or coexistence matters without the need to go to court.

Family Mediators in Mansfield – working 4u both!

A mediation service consists of a legal settlement arrangement between both parties.

One advantage of drawing up a mediation agreement is that both parties formulate the particulars of the arrangement and therefore are clear about adhering to their legally obligated agreements.

Another advantage of using a mediation service is that it removes the huge financial costs which would be incurred in court.

Court costs can be very expensive and the process can also be lengthy and very time-intensive.

Unbiased mediators provide an impartial service to clients in order to explain the details of separation or divorce settlements.

Both parties tend to provide the specific terms of the mediation agreement themselves.

The contractual and legal obligations both parties have to adhere to are not imposed upon them by a court of law but instead, the terms are agreed by both parties which are still legally binding however reached in a far more amicable manner.

Mediation meetings do not necessarily have to take place in an office surrounding.

They can be arranged for both parties to meet at a venue which is suitably appropriate and private and conducive to discussing complicated and stressful family issues.

The meeting place can be suggested by either party as long as the date and time are mutually convenient for both parties and the mediator.

Ultimately a divorce mediation service typically provides an environment where the two parties engaged in a divorce dispute can make their proposals in a non-hostile way.

The mediator directs the negotiations with an emphasis on clarifying the legal disposition of any agreement or agreements made between the two parties or disputants.

It is also strongly recommended that the disputants when engaging in settlement negotiations do so with the motive of achieving a settlement contract otherwise negotiations can break down when conversations become confrontational.

When negotiations break down to the point where the mediator and disputants feel an agreement can’t be reached this is where the mediation process is deemed irrevocable.

When mediation discussions are deemed irrevocable it is then necessary to turn to the court in order to reach a resolution and a final settlement.

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After the death of my dad, my brother and sister went into a dispute over our family property. I called Just Divorce mediation for help and in just a single visit all of their differences were resolved and we all are now living as one happy family. -David
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