Shuttle Mediation

Process of Shuttle Mediation

Mediator stands for both parties to find a solution in resolving the issue. There are instances that the problem are arranged and finished with the help of a mediator.

Despite the coordination of both parties to resolve the problem through a mediator, there are situations that they don’t like to be with the other party in one room.

It may sound complicated, but it happens, a Shuttle Mediation is the solution for this type of situation.

What Shuttle Mediation is and how it works?

Shuttle mediation works as the mediator going back and forth to both parties in resolving the issue. A situation like this happens when the other party or both of them don’t want to be in one room.

The shuttle mediation is essential specifically if the parties involved cannot be together in one place and to prevent more conflicts.

Shuttle mediation is done by setting up the two involved parties to proceed into the procedure by the use of the communication devices or technology such as video calling them.

The mediators also perform a series of communication with both sides, through visiting them in separate places. If it is a sensitive type of case, the mediator will arrange it by making a schedule of both parties to prevent bumping from each other.

What to consider before having a shuttle mediator?

We know that mediation is cheaper and less stressful rather than proceeding it to court.

However, Shuttle mediation is different from it, because it cost more than the usual process. Also, the process for this to be resolved may take longer from the ordinary, because of the time-consuming back and forth method to both parties concerned.

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What is the alternative way if shuttle mediation doesn’t work?

Since the mediator stands to be the ruler, or the one that will help the concerned parties to unite into an agreement, or to find a solution to resolve the issue if the other party is having a hard time, or he or she cannot stand on his or her own, then an advocate is necessary. The advocate would be the one who will represent the said party through the process.

The other parties can also have a joint session through the technology use of a webcam, and they are in separate rooms or place. Another option is to have a family mediation that you will have the chance to control in terms of decision making.

May it be a Shuttle mediator or any type of it, the only thing that we should consider is to resolve the problem. It is hard to live when you have anger in your heart and your mind.

Conflicts are always there, but it can be resolved if both parties will stay calm and give a chance for everyone to speak their side, cooperation is crucial if you want to finish the process as fast as it can be and continue to live in peace and happiness.

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