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Going through a rough patch in your marriage?

Thinking of divorce or separation but the legal costs are putting you down?

Do you fear the effect it might have on the kids or disruption to your social and financial responsibilities?

Just Divorce Mediation Services in Stockport

What Do We Do?

Here at Just Divorce Mediation, we offer an alternative to the legal system for solving disputes. Saving you the time and the financial burden of litigation. Mediation is a faster and cost-efficient solution to getting amicable solutions for all the parties involved. All decisions are made by you and at your convenience

How Do We Do It?

Our mediators provide an unbiased view of your situation helping you to make necessary compromises for the sake of all parties involved.

Emotions are bound to escalate during divorce proceedings, and our mediators are trained to handle dark feelings and ensure that joint properties are shared equally, make sure that financial responsibilities of both parties are laid out and help to make the separation as smooth as possible for the larger family.

At Just Divorce Mediation we also offer shuttle mediation which does not require both parties to be present during negotiation which is instead done through our mediators.

Intervention as a problem-solving mechanism is the proven method, but both sides have to trust the process and accept that sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.

It is also established as a less stressful means of achieving full separation as we put the needs of our clients first.

Mediation In Stockport

Why Just Divorce Mediation Stockport?

At Just Divorce Mediation we have highly qualified mediators with vast experience in the fields of family law and conflict resolution.

You will find an unparalleled level of professionalism from all our staff who strive to make you their priority. Also, to all our staff being sensitive to matters touching on family breakdowns.

Our mediators are strictly impartial and unbiased to both parties and above all understand the need for client confidentiality while working with a strict code of practice for the best results.

Just Divorce Mediation will ensure that we take you through all the steps necessary in reaching a proper decision.

At Just Divorce Mediation we work at your convenience, you can make appointments that best suit your needs. Our pricing is competitive and much more pocket-friendly than

What you would pay for legal fees.

To sum it all up, Just Divorce Mediation stockport makes the entire divorce process significantly less complicated and easier to take in with an as little disruption as possible to your day to day schedule

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How Mediation Helps With Children in Stockport

When the children and parents of a marriage or relationship are not able to resolve their differences, mediation may be the only option. In this process the mediator helps the parties come up with an agreement. The terms are then presented to the mediator for approval. If there is no agreement, the two parties come back together and work on finding what they both can agree on.

Mediation stockport can help solve conflicts between spouses and parents. It can also help resolve disputes that involve children. During this process the mediator works with the parties to identify issues that can be resolved through alternative dispute resolution and to help them work out those issues in a positive way.

In some cases mediation may be used to help the parties resolve how the children will live with their parents. Some divorcing couples have kids who do not want to live with the other parent and want to move back home with them. In these cases it may be possible to reach an agreement to allow for the child to live with both parents.

During the mediation the mediator assists in locating ways to protect the child from domestic violence, domestic abuse and sexual abuse. This is done by educating the parents of the child about the effects of these acts on the child. The mediator also helps the parties come up with an agreement on how to handle cases where the parties are not able to resolve certain issues relating to the children’s safety. Mediation can help establish methods that protect the child from harm while allowing the parties to have an equitable agreement to provide for the needs of the child.


During mediation the mediator assists in helping to determine the best resolution for the couple and the children. For example, if the parties cannot come to an agreement on how the children will spend their weekends with their parent, the mediator will help find a solution by working with the parties. When children feel like they are in a safe environment during the weekend when they are away from home the experience can be much more positive.


When working on an agreement in mediation, the mediator will help the parties to communicate effectively and to come up with an agreement to protect the children. When children are present in the process they are more likely to be more receptive to the ideas of the parties. If the parties are able to come up with an agreement that protects the children’s safety and the parent’s financial security, the children will be more open to the idea of remaining in the relationship. While this process may take some time, it can help the parents and children to come up with an agreement that will provide a good and loving environment for the children.


Mediation is a time for parties to communicate openly. Often the parties may be trying to explain themselves to the other. In mediation the mediator will often ask the parties to answer their concerns and listen to what the other party has to say.


The mediator also assists in making sure that the parties are working toward a mutually acceptable and fair resolution to the dispute. The mediator will make sure that the parties stay on topic and provide a time frame for resolving the dispute.


Most frequent questions and answers about Mediation

Family mediation is much quicker, much less stressful and normally less costly than heading to court.

It assists you make long-term settlements on parenting, money as well as home.

It enables you to keep control of your fate, instead of handing it over to a court.

It’s an active process, so the decisions are made by the individuals, not by a judge.

Family mediation can assist any type of family in the process of divorcing or dividing.

For people who are divorcing or separating discussions can consist of:

  • How assets will be separated
  • What takes place to the family home
  • Where as well as how usually the kids will certainly hang out with each moms and dad
  • Their future schooling as well as social activities, so that you as parents can implemented a full parenting plan now you have divided
  • Support repayments to be made
  • And also how youngsters will certainly correspond with their prolonged family and also grandparents.
  • With the help of a mediator, the agenda can be anything you both consent to talk about and mediate.

It is common that you will have different issues that you think about to be the priority, however the mediator will ensure that every person has the chance to review their concerns, and that a reasonable and also appropriate amount of time is offered to everyone’s priorities.

By doing this, you will certainly have the ability to overcome all the concerns that are influencing your life now you have separated as well as discover common and also concurred solutions to the problems.

It may appear like a difficult job to get to a contract with your ex, yet in mediation, we have a really high level of success as well as mediators know and also trained to assist you deal with each concern in turn.

Family mediators help you to concentrate on the future, so discussions will certainly entail trying to find sensible actions to be taken to aid you accomplish a settlement.

We understand it is a psychological time for all worried, however by helping you concentrate on the future and also working towards concurred results we will certainly see you through what feels like a difficult task.

The mediator will not dwell on previous concerns. And they won’t try to allot blame or guilt or pass reasoning.

For grandparents, mediation can aid recover get in touch with to grandchildren as well as enhance connections with your ex-in-laws to make sure that the youngsters can remain to gain from those cherished relationships.

Family mediation is a means helpful families to reach agreements regarding what need to take place about splitting up or divorce. It is a progressively prominent choice to asking the court to choose regarding family issues.
In family mediation, you generally work out face to face with your companion about plans that need to be produced the future, with the help of 1 or 2 neutral third parties– the mediator or mediators.

Unlike going to court or mediation, family mediation identifies that you are the professionals concerning your own family as well as leaves the decision-making to you.
Unlike working out through your attorneys, family mediation allows you to talk straight per other, to make sure that you can both clarify what you are really feeling as well as what is most important to you. It additionally allows you concentrate on the things that truly matter to you as a family.

Many individuals discover speaking to their companion concerning what should take place after a splitting up or divorce really stressful and distressing. Family mediation can offer you a safe place to solve your distinctions at your own speed. Family mediators are particularly educated to watch out for any type of residential misuse concerns that may affect your family, as well as also for other issues that could make the negotiation in between relative particularly tough. Family mediators will certainly not permit you to mediate if they do not think you will be secure.

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