Just Divorce Mediation Service in Stockport

Going through a rough patch in your marriage?

Thinking of divorce or separation but the legal costs are putting you down?

Do you fear the effect it might have on the kids or disruption to your social and financial responsibilities?

Then just divorce mediation is the place for you.

What do we do?

Here at Just Divorce Mediation, we offer an alternative to the legal system for solving disputes. Saving you the time and the financial burden of litigation. Mediation is a faster and cost-efficient solution to getting amicable solutions for all the parties involved. All decisions are made by you and at your convenience

How do we do it?

Our mediators provide an unbiased view of your situation helping you to make necessary compromises for the sake of all parties involved.

Emotions are bound to escalate during divorce proceedings, and our mediators are trained to handle dark feelings and ensure that joint properties are shared equally, make sure that financial responsibilities of both parties are laid out and help to make the separation as smooth as possible for the larger family.

At Just Divorce Mediation we also offer shuttle mediation which does not require both parties to be present during negotiation which is instead done through our mediators.

Intervention as a problem-solving mechanism is the proven method, but both sides have to trust the process and accept that sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.

It is also established as a less stressful means of achieving full separation as we put the needs of our clients first.

Why Just Divorce Mediation Stockport?

At Just Divorce Mediation we have highly qualified mediators with vast experience in the fields of family law and conflict resolution.

You will find an unparalleled level of professionalism from all our staff who strive to make you their priority. Also, to all our staff being sensitive to matters touching on family breakdowns.

Our mediators are strictly impartial and unbiased to both parties and above all understand the need for client confidentiality while working with a strict code of practice for the best results.

Just Divorce Mediation will ensure that we take you through all the steps necessary in reaching a proper decision.

At Just Divorce Mediation we work at your convenience, you can make appointments that best suit your needs. Our pricing is competitive and much more pocket-friendly than

What you would pay for legal fees.

To sum it all up, Just Divorce Mediation makes the entire divorce process significantly less complicated and easier to take in with an as little disruption as possible to your day to day schedule

Contact us today to find out more!

Awesome Service

If you want easy and simple solution to any of your family problems then, Just Divorce mediation is just perfect for you. These people are amazing and know how deal with all your problems. -Robin
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