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Just Divorce Mediation Stoke on Trent features the reasons why mediation is worth trying when couples separate or divorce.

Few people contemplating divorce realize what problems and pain they are about to unleash upon themselves, their children (if any), their parents, their friends, their workplace, their church–and on goes the list.

If a couple is angry and hurting, they may not be very rational: They just want it to be all over. They want it to be little more than a bad dream.

If both parties want the divorce; and it is a no-fault one, two possible initial problems have been by-passed.

There are, however, some big and urgent things that need to be handled.

Who moves out?

A partial answer to that depends upon whether or not there are children involved; and if there are, they will likely want to remain in the family home with the parent willing and able to take care of them.

Suppose the home has a mortgage and needs repairs, the single parent may not be able to meet those obligations along with the cost of home and contents insurance, utilities and other household expenses.

Furthermore, if this is a one-car family and it is taken by its main driver, who just moved out,the parent and children will need to make big time transportation changes.

Bringing home the groceries will be no easy task and taking children to their activities will no longer be possible.

It is at this point that the children may well scream at their dutiful parent, “I hate you!” Parents in such situations may become neglectful or over-protective.

By now, one or both parents should have screamed, “I need a mediator!”

What they need, however, is a mediator to help them to talk to each other and try to make mutually beneficial decisions–and, in no circumstances, use the children as pawns.

Mediation Stoke on Trent – Solutions for families

At this point, maybe several of the grandparents may suggest a mediator.

They have been suffering and have seen their grandchildren suffer as well but may not be in a position to help the divorcing couple with financial help.

They do not want to interfere with the children as they are already seeing the devastating effects on the children due to the parents squabbling as to which parent has the final say on matters.

So the couple seeks out a professional mediator.

Mediation sessions are confidential and are conducted in private by an impartial mediator. In this environment, the couple may actually listen to each other with empathy and understanding.

The mediator does not tell the couple what to do, but by various methods, such as open-ended questions lets the couple come to their own solutions.

Many have found that they no longer wanted to divorce but wanted to go to a family therapist, along with their children, and try to put their family back together again.

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