Thing You Shouldn’t Expect From Your Mediators

What You Shouldn’t Expect From Mediators:

Before signing up for divorce mediation, people should know what they should not expect from the mediator. Divorce mediation acts as a great alternative to work with divorce lawyers, while the mediator has a much specific role. It is important to understand what the mediator can and cannot do for a person. This gives the best chance at success to person. Following are listed the four things people should never expect from their mediator:

Legal advice

Legal advice cannot be provided by the mediator. A mediator will not represent either of the party in the divorce. To give advice to any party would be a violation of the ethical duties of the mediator. Rather, the mediator gives the information and guidance needed for handling the divorce on own. A divorce attorney can be seen for individual legal advice.

A Pity Party

It is possible that the mediator may or may not have the experience of counselling a type of case. Irrespective of the professional background, the mediator is available for helping everyone negotiate with the terms of the divorce. Any emotions, even if relevant are put aside. A counsellor or therapist can be seen for seeking sympathy and comfort.

Taking Sides

The process of mediation is not a place to argue about whose case is right or wrong. In most cases, both the parties have made some contributions leading to the fall of marriage. As the mediator is not present for confirming any score, it should not be expected that the mediation will turn in a party’s favour just because one has wronged another. The mediator focuses on the relevant matters, not the things that happened during the marriage.

Decision Making

One of the most common misconceptions is this one about mediation. The mediator is not there to make decisions for anyone. If one wants some other party to make the decisions, he or she can hire an attorney and take the divorce to court. People who desire to stay in control of the process and make the decisions on their own go for mediation.

The role of the mediator should be clearly understood in order to form realistic expectations. A mediator is not expected to act as an attorney, therapist, or any concerned friend. A mediator will help both of the parties in reaching an equitable agreement. Any good mediator is informative, experienced, and fair for both the parties.

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