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If you’re looking for a local Trusted Mediator then look no further. Just Divorce are the local choice for separating couples.

Welcome to Trusted Mediators @ Just Divorce

We are committed to offering families and businesses facing different challenges an alternative to the costly and uncertain court system.

Our services are totally independent of courts; the conflicting parties can meet in a relaxed and pleasant environment to work out informed solutions to their problems.

We are national so no matter where are, you can choose us to resolve your differences through mediation.

Who can use our services?

The issues we help with

  • Child– Our team of professional mediators will help you discuss issues regarding access arrangements, parental decisions, maintenance payments and costs.
  • Financial– Parents Family/marital home, property, assets, pensions, savings, shares, investments.
  • Couples when separating or divorcing– It can be hard agreeing on a way forward if you are separating or divorcing. Several decisions must be made, even if you have a good relationship with your spouse, discussing important matters such as property, savings, and investments may result in arguments. There are cases where communication is completely broken, and couples are unable to come to a resolution. Mediation can help in all of these cases.
  • Business– Director/partner disputes, employee disputes,

Principles of mediation

  • Confidential
  • Voluntary
  • Presence of impartial mediators
  • Mediation is cheaper compared to the court system
  • It is less stressful as compared to the court system
  • Mediation is quicker when compared to litigation

Mediation may be the tool to help families and businesses resolve conflicts. Just Divorce Trusted Mediators helps conflicting families and businesses reach agreements that keep the disputants in control of the results, instead of leaving the outcome up to attorneys and judges. Reach out to a mediator as soon as you need help sorting out some issues. Even if you have been separated for some time, or if your case has been presented in court, you can still benefit from mediation.

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