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Divorce is a shattering experience, one that affects the individual, their family, finances and social life.

It gets worse when there is no one to help the person come to terms with the reality.

Some people are specially trained on how to guide the psychological transition of such a person, to ensure minimal impact through helping reach agreements between couples who are divorcing.

These agreements are mainly directed at areas that bring friction, such as finances and children.

Divorcing couples in Warrington now have the access to these services. This has been made possible by changes in government policy making, and the realisation that freely negotiated agreements bring about more good than harm.

Family Mediation Warrington 4u both!

There are some aspects of mediation that should be made clear, and these are outlined below:
  • Mediation is voluntary and completely confidential.
  • The court system is not involved, ensuring a faster and less distracting process
  • Other parties likely to be affected by the process of divorce are allowed to take part in the negotiations, for example, children. This ensures that the needs of these other parties are well considered.
  • The guarantee of impartiality creates a sense of trust and security throughout the negotiations.
  • The negotiating couple makes all the decisions and can reach agreements touching on very sensitive points of the arrangement. Several stages are involved in divorce mediation, as outlined below:
  • The Contact stage
  • This is when the couple agrees to source the help of professional mediators, and proceed to make contact.
  • The First Session
This is also called a planning session, where the couple is advised on the principles of mediation and also sign a confidentiality agreement. It is at this first meeting that ground rules for the proceedings are set and established, and the objectives of each laid out. This helps the mediator determine a starting point to the mediation point and create a structure based on common ground

The Second Session

This is the session where the divorcing couple will be requested to disclose their financial status and provide information on assets and liabilities. This will help them decide what to be divided and under which specifications.
Where the negotiations are about finances, the other issues will be discussed, developing options and negotiating arrangements.
This will happen, for example, in the case of child custody.

Legal Advice Stage

Where it is found to be necessary, advice may be sought as the negotiations go on. This could be in areas involving debts, real estate, benefits and other similar issues. The mediator will advise at the appropriate times for sourcing legal advice.


Since it is a voluntary process, mediation can be terminated any time for a proper reason. However, most couples come to a satisfactory conclusion, sign a Memorandum of Understanding and us that as a guide to the subsequent processes.

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