Why Mediation Is Worth Attempting For Couples Facing Separation

Why Mediation Is Worth Attempting For Couples Facing Separation

The passage of The Children and Families Act 2014 has made a significant change in the way of handling cases involving family disputes. It has led to encouragement and use of mediation to avoid any negative impact on the couples.

Legislative changes have made it compulsory for couples to demonstrate that they have attended mediation by showing MIAM before proceeding any further with separation. Mediation settles family disputes by relying on the mediating parties to reach an end goal of forming a joint understanding of the disputed issues between them.

Meditation helps children who are caught up in the mess of unresolved disputes and court proceedings. Mediation enables you to take charge of what happens at last instead of letting a court decision about your future. It also has the advantage of saving time as well as money which is much more exhaustive in a court proceeding. A court proceeding may let the parents become too much distracted by their will to win which makes them turn a blind eye towards the interests of their children.

Mediation allows the couples to communicate with respect and understanding towards each other in order to settle issues arising from their separation. The setting of mediation is more informal in comparison to the adverse atmosphere of court proceedings. The mediator facilitates the process of mediation with a neutral stance throughout the process.

Mediation understands that the separation is bound to happen so that focus is primarily on resolving disputes, which otherwise affect the future of the participating parties. In case the mediation process ends successfully, there may be no need to approach the court in the future. Mediation is expected to resolve issues pertaining to property, financial issues and disputes related to children.

Mediation allows you to go for frank discussions as the discussed points are confidential. The mediator involved is always an impartial expert. Mediators may highlight the important issues that need to be resolved but will never give legal advice to any party. Family mediation services are not legally binding so either of the involved party is free to stop mediation at any time or to decide an alternative way to resolve their disputes.

At the start of the mediation process, you always get the chance to know about the process of mediation and decide about the suitability of the mediation process for your case. Mediators are skilled in guide the discussion through all the stages leading to the resolution of a dispute. They always establish what needs to be discussed, explore the issues from all the possible perspectives and help the parties to reach an agreement after identifying the right way to deal with the issues.

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